Our novelties

Good news to admirers of our cookware: оn the threshold of New Year we released another two novelties in the Titan range, which is presented by cookware with polymer-ceramic non-stick system, — the Bordeaux pans line and the Wok in the Special Induction line.

The Bordeaux line has a distinctive style — the bright glossy exterior shade of a noble wine in combination with the original handle will be an excellent kitchen decoration.

The line is presented by traditional shape pans, which is perfect for frying and simmering. It has enough high side frames and big useful bottom area. The pans range from 22 to 28 cm in diameter.

The Wok is an indispensable pan for cooking Asian food.

The new model is suitable for all cook tops, including induction ones.

The typical method of cooking in a wok — fast frying while stirring continuously.

The Wok is perfect for fast frying of vegetables, seafood, ground meat over a high heat.

Ingredients in a wok are stirred from middle to edges.

By virtue of a specific wok shape all ingridients are turned out at a burny bottom, than at warm side frames each after each.

As a result food is evenly and fast cooked, saves useful nutrients and healthy properties.

Woks are also useful and convenient for braising.

Ingridients, which can’t be well fried fast while stirring, are beaing braised. For example, hard vegetables such as potatoes, carrot, smallage.

And another cheering news: now there also are NMP glass lids in stores.

You can find them upon the characteristic white package with a red circle.

The lids are made of heat-resistant glass and have a special rim design for steam output. Their diameters perfectly match for NMP pans.

With love to you and to the business, NMP team.