Natural Minerals series made by Neva Metall Posuda, combining the beauty and strength similar to natural stone, has expanded their product lines. Novelties were released in black in the Baikal line, as well as in gray in the Karelia line.

All novelties have a high-quality 4-layer non-stick system with a long service life and high durability (more than 3,500 conventional cooking cycles). The non-stick coating with a decorative pattern looks original and stylish in any kitchen, at the same time it has excellent strength properties and ergonomic handles with a soft touch effect matching the coating color that will make the process of using cookware even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Grill pan

The new grill pan from the Baikal line is a real godsend for those who have long been dreaming of a "stone" frying pan but are not ready to change the familiar black non-stick cookware for lighter shades. This pan is ideal for lovers of delicious meat and fish steaks and grilled vegetables.

Frying pan

The comfortable lightweight cast frying pan with the effect of a stone surface has become very popular in Scandinavian countries and continues to extend its reign, capturing the hearts of Russian cooks. The pan was created using lightened casting technology. It has a low side wall, and a large useful surface area and is ideal for frying and quick cooking.


The pancake frying pan of the Baikal line will make the process of making pancakes as comfortable and easy as possible. The thickened bottom provides special thermal storage properties, making the pancakes cooked through evenly throughout and beautifully rosy on both sides. Due to the non-stick coating, pancakes are always easily removed from the pan and do not burn, even when cooking without oil.

New wok

The Karelia line now includes a new pan-wok coated in the color of natural stone. This wok is perfect for lovers of Asian cuisine and fans of environmentally friendly design. Due to the special cone shape, food in this wok is prepared quickly and evenly and does not lose its nutrients and beneficial properties.