How can I clean non-stick cookware?

To retain good appearance of a pan, thoroughly clean it after each use with washing-up liquids.

To clean a strong fatty dirt, use concentrate detergents.

You need to clean cookware right after cooking, because it’s difficult to remove long-standing dirt and not to damage non-stick surface. Food will stick to strongly dirty areas. To remove its residue, you have to presoak a pan.

Pay attention, that using of metal wisps and abrasive cleaners can cause premature wear of non-stick coating.

For everyday cleaning you can use sponges.

While washing cookware in a dishwasher use detergents with the pH level close to neutral (in the range from 6 to 8), or specially recommended detergents for aluminium products (for example, Lion’s Chrystal Charmy gel).

Otherwise, the grey besmirch scurf can appear on areas without coating (a grooved bottom, an attaching point of a handle).

Notice, that any cleaning detergents should be strickly used under instructions on a packaging.