Safety and quality

For 16 years Neva Metall Posuda CJSC has been working with unique non-stick water-based coatings made in Russia. The technology of products` surface arrangement and non-stick coverage application developed by Neva Metall Posuda CJSC. Thanks to composition the coatings have unequalled non-stick characteristics and special die-cast technology apportion the products with increased abrasive resistance.

As technologic and innovative leader, Neva Metall Posuda uses only safe and verified materials for cookware production, high-technology production processes and multi-level quality management for each stage of production including spectrum analysis, ultrasound and laboratory tests. The company developed its own quality standard with the requirements which are higher than Union State Standards ones. Neva Metall Posuda quality standard based on functional state standards, international regulations, cookware standards of manufacturing and system of tests developed by company technologists.

Distinction features of all Neva Metall Posuda CJSC products:

  • Highest safety level

    For 16 years Neva Metall Posuda plant has been working with non-stick water-based coatings manufactured in Russia: PTFE acts as binding agent, organic solvent addition is minimal, therefore the coatings have 4th, the most safety class of hazard according to State-Certification Standard 12.1.007-76(99).

  • Unique technologies

    Neva Metall Posuda plant technologists developed the unique composition of the coating formulation, special technology of cookware surface preparation and non-stick coverage application. Due to composition the coverage has unrivaled non-stick characteristics and has raised wearing quality through special crystal work-hardening.

  • PFOA free

  • Fits all types of cooking range, including induction

    We keep the highest level of safety and quality of our products and our customers` health is much more important for us than here-and-now profit. We believe in our products and guarantee that each item has been passed through multilevel quality testing system.