Neva Metall Posuda CJSC – one of the leading manufacturers of die-cast cookware with non-stick coatings in Russia. Among first companies Neva Metall Posuda CJSC started die cast cookware production in Russia and today it is the only Russian company Russia which has its private licensed die cast production.

The company has 15 operating patents including patents for the technology. All Neva Metall Posuda cookware is manufactured only in Russia. Quality, safety, products` customer characteristics and technologies used correspond to the level of leading world brands. The system of quality management of Neva Metall Posuda CJSC meets international standards and certified with international standard ISO 9001:2008.

In 2015, inspite of economical crisis, Neva Metall Posuda not only finished the construction of new plant in Saint-Petersburg but increased market share of brand presence in Russia to 42 %. For instance, market share of other manufacturers of cast cookware with non-stick coating in Russia by presence in retail is not higher than 5%.

Neva Metall Posuda is the only company on Russian cast cookware with non-stick coating market which has officially published commercial policies concerning product sales management

Figures and facts

  • 17 years on the market
  • 15 acting patents including patents for cookware production technologies
  • 70 regions of Russia – the company presence
  • 194 items in company assortment
  • 2 plants in Russia
  • more than 500 partners
  • the company products are presented almost in all large international retail chains suach as Auchan, Metro Cash&Carry, K-Ruoka, Prisma, Hoff, Okey, Magnit, Х5 Retail Group, Maxidom, Start, Domovoy, М-Video, Technosila.