Pearl Cookware Series

Sustainable frying pan doesn`t have to be black

PEARL cookware series – beautiful designed unique light non-stick coating PEARLТМ. 4-layer non-stick system PEARLТМ – innovative light non-stick coating of new age. The layer with oriented micro crystals provides the new coating with high strength and resource properties and unique pearl color. The coverage will not change the color tone under influence of oil and natural food colorants. The product resource is more than 4000 conventional cooking cycles. The product resource is more than 3500 conventional cooking cycles. The guarantee period is 3 years.

PEARL series cookware was awarded with diploma of high consumers’ quality rating and can be marked with sign Verified by Russian Consumers Union. This sign is a guarantee that all products of PEARL series have passed qualified inspection and remain under control of Center of Independent Consumer Expertise of Russian Consumers Union.

Unique combination of color and utility: the coverage has the color of natural brown pearl with gold tone and distinctive non-stick and service properties. There are no straight PEARL series products analogues on the market today.