Baikal line

The Baikal line is a real catch for those, who have long been dreaming of a “stone” pan, but are not ready to change the familiar black non-stick cookware coating for the light one.

Moreover, the coating has heightened durability - it withstands more than 3500 conventional cooking cycles. By virtue of its rough surface, oil evenly spreads over a pan’s surface and doesn’t flow to the edges;

Using of the cookware is simple and convenient: a diecast case has special thermal energy storage properties and can’t be misshaped; the cookware is dishwasher compatible and easy to handwash.

The line is presented by pans of cross-functional shape with diameter from 24 to 28 cm

Product diameter
from to mm
Cookware type
Coating type
Bottom diameter, mm
from to mm
Side frames height, mm
from to mm
Can be used in the oven
Dishwasher compatible