Ferra Induction


Ferra Induction cast aluminum cookware was created specifically for induction cooktops but is suitable for all types of stoves. The cookware manufacturing technology is thought out to the finest detail to ensure uniform heating and to prevent product deformation under the influence of temperature. The series is made using technical know-how to ensure that the bottom of the pan has an even level surface and 100 % contact with the stove.

A unique technology is used in the manufacturing to provide each product in the Ferra Induction series with induction properties. During casting with crystallization under pressure, a special ferromagnetic disc is fused in the body of the cookware which gives the product magnetic properties. With this casting method, possible peeling of the induction disc when using the cookware is completely excluded.

Each product of the series has a new 5-layer hardened non-stick system Titan II having improved durability and wear resistance in comparison with the Titan polymer-ceramic system of the first generation with a thickness of about 100 microns, a layer of non-stick water-based coating, and corresponds the safest class according to GOST (All-Union State Standard) 12.1.007-76 (99). The cookware is made in accordance with GOST R 51162-98. Service life is more than 8,000 conventional cooking cycles. The guarantee period is 3 years.

Important: when selecting cookware for induction stoves, one should remember that the diameter of a stove burner, as recommended by the manufacturer, shall comply with or be at least ¾ of the working surface diameter of the product's bottom.

Cookware type
Dishwasher compatible
Can be used in the oven
Side frames height, mm
from to mm
Bottom thickness, mm
from to mm
Side frames thickness, mm
from to mm
Bottom diameter, mm
from to mm
Product diameter
from to mm