The Diecast pancake pan, 24cm (unremovable handle), the Ferra Induction range

The pancake pan has low side frames and convenient handle, so it’s easy to flip and remove pancakes. A thickened bottom provides special thermal energy storage properties: a pancake is evenly cooked and roasted. By virtue of a non-stick coating, pancakes are always easy to remove and don’t stick while cooking even without oil.

Dishwasher compatible Да
Can be used in the oven Нет
Bottom thickness, mm 6 мм
Product article 59224
Hob Gas, Electric, Induction, Glass ceramic
Range Ferra Induction
Coating type Non-stick
Usage Dishwasher compatible
Cookware type Pancake pan
Product diameter 240 мм
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    Before first use, remove the adhesive label with the bar code from the bottom of the pan, then wash the item in warm water with a soft sponge. Then pat dry and brush the entire inner non-stick surface with oil.

    We recommend cooking with low to medium heat to better extend the life of the cookware. In normal use, the temperature of the item does not exceed 170 °C.

    Do not overheat the pan and do not leave it empty on a lit stovetop for longer than 5 minutes, or the non-stick properties may deteriorate.

    For safety reasons, do not place the pan while hot on the edge of a surface, and be careful that the handle does not extend too far beyond the edge of the stove. To avoid skin burns from hot oil while cooking, cover the cookware with a lid. Do not leave food being prepared unattended.

    Use a high-quality wooden or silicone spatula when preparing food. Do not cut food directly in the pan. Light scratches and minor abrasions do not deteriorate the non-stick properties of the coating.

    For the pan to maintain a good appearance, thoroughly wash it after each use with washing and cleaning gels for cookware (e.g., SARMA Active, FLAT, FEDORA, Sanita-gel, etc.). Use concentrated detergents (e.g., LUXUS Professional, BAGI, Sanita-cream, etc.) to wash away severely caked grease and food residue.

    The cookware should be washed immediately after cooking, or burn residue will accumulate on the surface during further use.

    If burned residue does form, pre-soak the pan to remove it so as not to damage the non-stick coating.

    Using steel washers or abrasive detergents can also lead to the premature wear of the non-stick coating.

    When washing in the dishwasher, use detergents with a pH level close to neutral (in the range of 6-8), or specially recommended agents for the washing of aluminum products (e.g., Chrystal Charmy gel made by Lion). Otherwise, smudged gray deposits might form in areas that are no longer coated (grooved bottom, where the handle attaches).

    Please note that any detergent should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions on the package.


    The NEVA METALL POSUDA plant warrants this cookware from the date of purchase in cases of any manufacturing defect.

    This warranty does not cover damage resulting from impacts, falls, overheating, misuse of the product, or its use in food service industry (the appearance of stains, discolorations, scratches on the inner and outer surface of the body).

    NEVA METALL POSUDA plant guarantees that the cookware meets all the standards and rules established for materials that come in contact with food.

    The product complies with State Standard GOST R 51162-98.

    The product warranty period is 12 months from the date of sale through the retail trade network.

    Manufactured by an ISO 9001 certified company.